Success Stories

Jamar Butler, Class of 2009  (pictured above)

Jamar was a stellar student and an active contributor to the Beacon College community. Upon graduation, Jamar became employed with AT&T as a networking technician. He supported customers by setting up and repairing their networks and wireless phones remotely. Recently, Jamar accepted a position as a Communication Information Officer for the U.S. Southern Command. Jamar has also returned to school to work on his master’s degree in Information Technology at Nova Southeastern University.

Scott Wilbur, Class of 2009 

When I came to Beacon, I was barely passing my community college courses. After a year of treading water in an educational system that highlighted my deficits and minimized my strengths, I was completely drained of all scholastic resiliency. I was beginning to think that the failure that started early in my academic career would continue indefinitely.

College success is more than just academics. Beacon is completely different.  Beacon taught me how I learn, what structures and strategies I need, and provided authentic learning experiences. Perhaps most importantly, Beacon taught me that I was not defective. Beacon, and its highly effective staff, introduced me to success in an environment that used my creativity, passion, and intelligence.

I now use the skills that I learned at Beacon in my company, Next Level Transition Consulting, to provide support to my clients with LD/ADHD, and train the coaches that work for me. Beacon creates a sense of community that makes you want to pass it on.

Award Winning Andrew for WebsiteAndrew Marvin, Class of 2010

I graduated from Beacon College in 2010 and the best way to learn about this school is to visit it. I took the leap to visit what is now my alma mater on sound parental advice. My academic history with college started out rather rough when visiting disability departments that seemed to have issues accommodating me. So you can imagine my apprehension when Beacon College made me a bold promise that my struggle with school would see an end. I never felt the struggle in high school, though to hear my mom tell it sounds more like a parade of late assignments and notes detailing my attention span. As a person with ADHD, I’m not unfamiliar working with tutors and teachers to reach a common academic landscape. What I didn’t realize before Beacon College was the resistance I’d been getting from people when I wanted them to understand what it means to have attention difficulties. At Beacon, I learned that there are people who understand my disability and that I can advocate for myself to get the accommodations I need. Beacon changes the lives of the students who attend the College and now I am a part of that change as an Admissions Counselor for the College.


Braden Braden Walter, Class of 2012

I graduated in 2012 and was a human services major. I had transferred credits from Indiana University and Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania. I selected Beacon College to take advantage of the College’s more structured environment and excellent academic support programs. Little did I know that I would end up providing to other students the same support I came here to seek. I was a paid Peer Writing Consultant in the Writing Center, as well as the president of the Lambda Epsilon Omega fraternity. In addition, I  provided support as a residential assistant, where I gained experience in roommate mediation and negotiation. I attribute my  success in these leadership roles to my ability to stay calm under pressure and maintain a sense of humor. I credit my high level of achievement and responsibility to my early upbringing on a farm. I have continued helping other students with learning disabilities by becoming a Learning Specialist here at Beacon College, and I plan to continue working in higher education.


Andrea Cornick, Class of 2013 Andrea

Before coming to Beacon College I was struggling in a different college thinking that maybe I was not meant to be in college after all. I couldn’t decide on one major I wanted to follow so I chose three and none of them was a match for me. I was beginning to lose all hope for my future.

My decision to leave home and my comfort zone and move to Beacon College is the best decision I ever made. Through my years at Beacon College I have learned to love this place. Beacon College means more than anything to me. It will always have a place in my heart. I consider Beacon College my second home, a home made up of a small family that cares very much for each other.

What I love about Beacon College is the fact that it gives you a chance to shine and prove to yourself and others that you are capable of achieving more than your best expectations. Beacon College is the place to make your academic dreams come true.

Now that I have graduated I hope to work in film directing, film production, film editing, and photography, especially on themes like our oceans, the land, animals and astronomy.  My focus is on getting the experience that leads me to success through meaningful contributions in my chosen field.

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