Alumni Spotlight

NathanPlungNathan Plung, a 2007 Human Services graduate, is now an independent artist creating modern pieces in fiber art. He specializes in creating portraits using cross-stitching. Mother Theresa and Albert Einstein are just a couple of the people that Plung has created portraits of. His work is currently on exhibition at the Agora Gallery in New York City from June 10 – July 1, 2014.

While a student at Beacon College, Nathan was vice president of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, and he was a member of the Beacon College Library Advisory Committee and the Psi Tau Omega Honor Society. He graduated valedictorian and was the recipient of the Paul & Dorothy Helm Civic Award.

Dr. Shelly Chandler, Vice President of Academic Affairs, recalls that Nathan had his own area of the library where he could be found every day, studying or creating art. Dr. Chandler says, “Nathan was dedicated to both the creative process and intellectual pursuit of more knowledge.” Dr. Terri Ross has fond memories of Nathan, calling him a “wonderful asset during his time at Beacon College.” She remembers him as a compassionate student who had a great sense of humor and acted as a role model for his peers. He developed his artistic side as well, as the only male member of the stitching club sponsored by Dr. Ross.

The Beacon College community is proud of Nathan’s continued success!

Three Questions with Nathan:

1) What is your favorite Beacon memory?

My favorite Beacon memory was during my freshmen year. I was in Dr. Terri Ross’s class. I was at home after class and realized that I was able to retain all the information that I had learned. Because of the different styles of teaching I understood why I was missing so much before Beacon College.

2) What advice would you give to current and/or graduating students?

Never give up! Be resilient and persevere through the hard times, because no matter what anyone thinks or tells you, your dreams can come true!

3) What is your most memorable career accomplishment?

I am extremely excited to say that my most memorable career accomplishment has to be my dream of being recognized as a successful artist and being able to share my talent in a New York City Gallery! But just because a goal has been reached, does not mean I’m going to stop there!

More information on Nathan’s exhibition at the Agora gallery can be found on their Web site.