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Jamar Butler

| Alumni Spotlight
Jamar Butler, Beacon College Alumnus

Butler, a 2009 graduate of Beacon College, started work as a cybersecurity analyst with the Southern Command in 2011. In between, he worked for a Fort Lauderdale telecommunications company as an assistant support specialist. At the Southern Command, Butler started out as an intern and then was hired as a contractor. Soon thereafter, he was brought on as a full-time employee of the government.

Butler had been interested in computers before attending Beacon, he says, but not enough to imagine himself in a technology career. Then he discovered Beacon’s “extraordinary” computer information systems program. “After I dipped into computers, I kept going at it, kept reading, tinkering, taking them apart and putting them together,” he recalls.

Ariel Ben-Chitrit

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Ariel Ben-Chitrit is well on his way to his goal of working for the u.s. Government or for a think tank specializing in international relations. The 2014 Beacon College graduate recently spent a year in China teaching English.

“It was my first time abroad for that long,” Ben-Chitrit says. The interdisciplinary studies major has also visited Australia, Israel, and some of the Baltic states. Ben-Chitrit also received a fellow- ship from the American Jewish Committee, working in the advocacy organization’s New York City headquarters. Assigned to the AJC’s development department, he worked on preparations for some of the AJC’s international missions. His duties included preparing briefing papers and researching individual nations’ policies.

Jacob Pinckney: The diagnosis doesn’t change the prognosis for success

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Jacob Pinckney

It wasn’t long after Jacob Pinckney began sneaking into his mom’s office to borrow her nursing books and soak up knowledge that he began nursing dreams of donning a long white coat.

Becoming a doctor — a parent’s dream job for a child.

However, for Jacob, his self-proclaimed prognosis abruptly flat-lined before it ever really breathed life.

Early on, his parents noticed Jacob flouted developmental milestones. He struggled to read beginner books. When it came to writing, his brain seemed to operate faster than his fingers could keep up.

Teachers segregated him during tests because they reckoned Jacob would die of embarrassment during tests. Though well intentioned, he was slowly dying from isolation.

Rosalyn Johnson

| Alumni Spotlight

Rosalyn Johnson, Class of 2009, not only has a busy schedule with academic and professional obligations, she has also been committed to strengthening alumni relations with the College. Rosalyn believes it is important that alumni continue to act as faces and voices for Beacon, shattering misconceptions and showing the community that students with learning disabilities can excel academically and professionally. This commitment has been noticed even by other alums, as is evidenced by the fact that Rosalyn was nominated by a fellow alum to become a member of the first Alumni Council. Elected Secretary, Rosalyn will have a major role in establishing the Council and laying the foundation for alumni relations for years to come.