Alumni Reunion

Alumni Reunion 2017

Save the dates! March 31 – April 2, 2017

Alumni Reunion 2016

Alumni Reunion - CircleAlumni Reunion was held on April 9th, 2016, and once again, it was a great success.

Reunion Workshops

As part of our reunion activities, Beacon will be offering special workshops of interest to graduates:

New Career Resources & Changes for Beacon College Alumni Susan Ward

The new Beacon College Career Center has undergone some exciting changes. Not only does Beacon College boast a career center with stations for students to job search, craft resumes, and network with businesses, but we’re also partnering with exciting new companies as we continue to grow. Please join Susan Ward to discover how these changes affect you and how we can work more effectively with you.

Preparing For Success In Graduate School

The first hour of the seminar will cover topics such as how to determine the right graduate school and the right program, documentation proof of LD required to receive special accommodation services, deciding whether or not to apply to universities/programs which require the GRE or MAT, the importance of time management and organization skills, tips for avoiding procrastination, developing effective study skills, and how to achieve success as a graduate student throughout the completion of a Master’s program.

During the second hour of this seminar, I will discuss topics regarding what type of jobs or careers may be available after completing your Master’s, what to expect when working in the field of community mental health, and professional development opportunities (i.e., post-master’s certifications, brief overview of licensure and continuing education requirements (post-state licensure).

Salary Negotiation

In 2013, full-time, year-round working women were paid 78 percent of what men were paid. That number rose just 1 percent since 2012 — a change that is not significantly different. Unfortunately, the pay gap is worse for African American women, which now make 64 percent of what men were paid down from 69 percent and Hispanic women make 54 percent, down from 57 percent. Asian American women’s salaries show the smallest gender pay gap, at 90 percent of white men’s earnings. The Start Smart salary negotiation workshop can provide alumni who are approaching the job market the knowledge and skills to negotiate salaries and benefits.