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Summer for Success Chronicles

Summer for Success Commencement 2016

Summer for Success is Beacon College’s three-week college immersion program for rising high school juniors and seniors who learn differently. With Summer for Success, students from across the United States and abroad live and learn together in this focused — and fun — summer experience.

The End of the Road

Hagerty and Graduate

As teenagers streamed into the Leesburg Boat Club, it was tough for heads not to spin as if on a swivel considering the chocolate fountain, trays of cookies, and other yummies that adorned the banquet spread. Yet, despite the array of sugary treats, Thursday night was bittersweet. It was the last night for students attending […]

Lights. Camera. Action!

Video Students

In the week that the Zombie King, George A. Romero, exited this earthly realm, Matthew Cupach resurrected the horror vibe in his video class.

The course is one of the electives rounding out the rigorous curriculum featured in the Summer for Success program, the three-week summer college-immersion program at Beacon College, the first college or university accredited to award bachelor’s degrees primarily to students who learn differently.


Students Puzzle

Staiger, career instructor at Beacon College, played team whisperer to students in her learning essentials course, among the rigorous courses Beacon College’s summer immersion college experience for high schoolers, Summer for Success, where students receive a taste of a college and some beefy tools for managing learning differences they can use to succeed while still in high school.

The Dark (Jenga) Tower

Puzzle Blocks

Like the mythical Atlas, Cameron Frisch suddenly had the weight of the world on her shoulders. At least the weight of possibly choosing the wrong piece to pluck and sending the imposing Jenga tower before her tumbling to the classroom floor. How did the Hermosa Beach, Calif. teenager find herself in this predicament? Just another day in “Research Skills Needed for College,” one of a raft of courses meant to introduce college skills and rigor to students enrolled in Summer for Success, the three-week summer college-immersion program for high schoolers developed at Beacon College in Leesburg, Fla.

Wild Kingdom!

Girl Meets Pigeon

During “Animal Science,” one of the rigorous college-level courses high schoolers study in the Summer for Success program, Cushing, an instructor in the anthropology program at Beacon College who is teaching the course, was asked to leave the room. The Animal Science class Cushing teaches allows students to explore careers with animals, learn how to care for animals, and sample different types of science used in animal facilities. Today’s lesson: introducing a fundamental of animal training, stationing — conditioning the animal to go to or stay put on a specific spot.