Career Development Program

It pays to plan.

Getting a college education is just one of the first steps in creating an abundant life. The real importance of college is that it can prepare you for worthy work and lifelong learning. This is why nearly all colleges and universities offer some kind of support for career development. Like everything else at Beacon, career development is something we do a little differently.

It’s a robust, four-year process that helps students identify their strengths and interests, provides structured hands-on experiences and guides them through setting high – but achievable goals.

Our Four Year Career Program

1st Year


Learning Essentials
Self Knowledge
Work Attitudes

2nd Year

Career Exploration

Majors & Career Options
Work Experience Audit
Exploratory Field Conversations
Job Shadowing

3rd Year

Career Planning

Goal Setting
Self Marketing
Workplace Communication
Internship (w/performance feedback)
Coaching (w/performance feedback)

4th Year

Plan Into Action

Independent Life Skills/Executive Function
Job Previews
Internship (w/performance feedback)
Coaching (w/performance feedback)
Position Description Review, Evaluation

Working through Beacon’s four-year model with professionals and resources at the Career Development and Outreach Center, students prepare themselves for great transitions to exciting work or graduate education.

In addition, Beacon students and alumni, as well as prospective employers with job listings, are welcome to contact Career Center staff.

Find – and follow – your dreams.