Beacon Assistive Technology Class Creates Own Inventions

December 23, 2014

Assistive Technology ClassStudents in Dr. Fleming’s Assistive Technology class had the opportunity this semester to turn their creative concepts into a reality. Using lessons and models from the coursework and textbook, as well as actual requests from fellow students in need of assistive technology, several ideas were formulated and created over the course of the semester. Working in small and large groups that evolved depending on the scope of the project, the class ultimately created several useful prototypes.
Projects were mainly practical, filling a determined need. They ranged from book stands to Assistive Technologyphone and cane holders for wheelchairs. One particularly interesting project was the creation of the appropriately named Rain Guard 2000, a protective shield for wheelchair users. The idea was formulated when a Beacon student was observed with no protection in the rain. This student happily agreed to be the model for this particular project and provided guidance and suggestions for what would be useful to him, giving the class an opportunity to review and revise their project, based on actual “consumer” feedback.
Assistive Technology ClassAs part of their final project, students not only designed innovative projects, they also invited the entire campus community to peruse their inventions, taking the time to explain each concept to individual visitors. Faculty, staff, and students were justifiably impressed by the creations, and students in the Assistive Technology class appreciated the opportunity to put their learning into hands on work and to explain their inventions to an outside audience.


~Gretchen Dreimiller
Photos by Heather Reed


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