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Summer Faces: The Student Workers of Beacon Profile Series

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studentJack Callahan Profile

Recent Beacon graduate Jack Callahan is the newest member of the Admissions team, just beginning a yearlong internship commitment. Jack is not new to the field, however, having worked as a Student Ambassador for Admissions this past academic year, providing group tours to open house visitors. His team was the first to win the coveted Tour Challenge competition, a contest with the goal of answering the most questions from prospective students and their family members, with the prize of Beacon College Bragging Rights Bucks.
Jack is a natural in admissions. As anyone who knows him can attest, Jack is a charismatic charmer who likes to talk and loves to laugh. Originally from Chicago, Jack is fond of the warm weather of Florida. When his mom introduced him to Beacon College, he knew it was the place for him partly because he “knew he couldn’t survive at any other school” and partly because the idea of moving to Florida appealed to him.


Jack knew that Beacon would offer him a level of support not available at other colleges, but he was still surprised by the individual attention provided to him. Jack flourished at Beacon, taking on roles as the president of the fraternity and the MC for Performance Club, as well as becoming an Orientation Leader and, later, an Admissions Ambassador. One accomplishment as a student that Jack is most proud of is being co-creator of the Activities Club his freshman year. Jack proudly boasts that, within two weeks of its creation, the club was the most popular one on campus. Jack credits the College with helping him achieve the final step in becoming a full-fledged adult. He deems his time at Beacon “the best experience of my life and says he “grew up here.”


Working in Admissions appeals to Jack because he enjoys meeting new people and talking with them. He likes to give tours to show off the school and to have time to connect with prospective students. He also has a desire to give back to a place that has been so meaningful to him, and his role in Admissions offers him the perfect opportunity to do this in a way that suits his personality. It also allows him to stay in Florida, which is a definite plus for him. Jack is open-minded about where this internship may take him. Whether he ends up becoming an admissions counselor or starts down another career path, he is appreciative of the experience he is gaining in his internship position.


Wondering what classes Jack liked most at Beacon? He insists there are no bad classes, but he especially enjoyed every art class, particularly the more specialized ones he took during summer sessions and a painting class taught by Van Galyon, who pushed him to become a better painter. As a business major, Jack took several courses with Simon Vaz, whose teaching style Jack really enjoyed. The courses encouraged free-thinking and permitted freedom of projects, which really appealed to Jack.


Jack’s advice to prospective students- expect to be given extra assistance that you need at Beacon, but don’t take it for granted; you still need to work for your grades.
Want to have a more in-depth conversation with Jack about all that Beacon has to offer? Call the Office of Admissions today (855-220-5376) and request a tour with Jack.

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