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Shire Grant Furthers Beacon College Teacher Training Program

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Beacon College has received a grant of $30,000 from the Shire Foundation to continue funding of its successful Education for Educators program, now about to enter its third year.
The College has completed outreach in the community to promote an understanding of learning disabilities, ADHD, and other associated learning differences through interactive workshops designed for schoolteachers. Established in January 2012 through a grant received from the Shire Foundation, the Education for Educators program initially provided training for 65 teachers working in private schools in Lake County. The program expanded in its second year to include public schools and after school programs, training a total of 370 school employees in 2013.
The new Shire Foundation grant will allow Beacon College to continue outreach efforts. The funding will be used to continue offering workshops to teachers in Lake and surrounding counties. The trainings are specifically focused on one area of learning difficulties, such as ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and autism spectrum disorders. These presentations help teachers better understand how to accommodate their students with these specific issues. Even veteran teachers can benefit from the training provided as the latest research is presented along with effective teaching strategies and helpful resources.
Dr. Shelly Chandler, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Beacon College, states, “The grant will enable us to continue to support teacher training and allow us to spread understanding of learning disabilities and ADHD. We are proud to be providing this service to the community and advancing the knowledge of learning disabilities.”
More information on the Education for Educators Program can be found here.

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