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The Parish Soul

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The Parish Soul

In the dark of night his footsteps echo through the empty streets, Breaking the silence as he looks down to his shadow that follows with each step.

His heart filled with pain and sadness never feeling loves gentle touch, never feeling the warmth of a lover’s hand.

The dark night fills his soul as the shadow speaks to his mind of hate and anger, Telling him of the pain the world has caused him and how he must make the world pay. The shadow that once followed now controls his mind and soul.

He waits in shadow, waiting for someone to set him free, waiting for the right time to strike.

Though life passes him by he cares not,

The darkness fills his eyes his eyes that once glowed with life now glow of hate and despair.

The darkness fills his mind with revenge and lies.

The little part of him that remains sleeps in waiting to be free from his dark prison. As one bit of light burns with in his heart, the shadow does not dare take the heart of his humanity.


~ Ethan Meus

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