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Spring Performance

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SONY DSCThe Performance Club put on a fantastic show this past Friday, April 18. There were a variety of acts including singing, acting, and a few instrumentalists. Musical styles ranged greatly, so there was something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. At times, people in the crowd even started singing along to those catchy pop songs.

This year was the first year that the Performance Club show was held at the Student Center. Many friends, family, staff and faculty came to show their support. Even Dr. Hagerty and his wife Dr. Oksana Hagerty made an appearance. The president of the club was not able to attend in person, but he was able to watch the whole show through Skype. The audience liked being able to see Brian in the background during each performance, and he hopefully enjoyed the show from his vantage point.

This was the last performance show for many talented seniors, so it was a very bitter-sweet show. As always, Jack Callahan told many funny stories and had lots of last jokes to tell. Jack responded to crowd interaction, and at one point he even brought up alumnus Andrew Marvin for an impromptu storytelling session. It will be difficult, but someone will need to fill his role starting next year. Dylan Tallian, identified as Jack’s intern, was auditioning for the part during this show, and the crowd encouraged him in his efforts.

 All of the performers did a wonderful job, and it was definitely a show to remember.

~ Rachel Yellon

Photos by Heather Reed

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