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Past, Present, and Future

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My Prior Achievements

I have successfully completed a one year program in Commercial Art with proficiency in the following skills Navigate Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I learned how to develop a layout using thumbnails, roughs, and comps. As well as render a product using various media Raster image manipulation with Adobe Photoshop; vector graphic development using Adobe Illustrator document development using Adobe InDesign. Applying graphic design concepts to project development Scanning Photos into digital files reading and interpreting job specifications. I finished a 3 year program online in a year in a half for wedding planning at New York Institute of art and design. Learning how to plan a wedding, events and parties and the history of different cultures and how there weddings are in their culture.


My former high school career started at Riverdale High School in Lehigh Acres Florida. Second East-lee Jaguars, high school in Lehigh Acres Florida. Dunbar High School in Fort Myers Florida. Brandon High School located in Brandon, Florida. North Gwinnett High School in Sugar Hill, located in Georgia where I graduated from with duel enrollment from Maxwell High School of Technology located in Lawrenceville. I attended Georgia Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrenceville, Georgia where I was discourage but decided to try something new. Attending New York Institute of art and design located in New York, New York, even though it was online; I was able to learn something I was interested in. I enjoyed and was able to communicate with teachers through conference calls which was an experience that I enjoyed. Beacon College where I’m currently attending, located in Leesburg, Florida, has given me the opportunity to grow and get accredit credits to continue my educational career.


My relationship with my family is a rollercoaster, but what family doesn’t have problems? I am very close to my mother, my father and I…well, his my father and we love one another. I have two brothers; one is older than me by eighteen months. My younger brother and I are thirty-two months a part, I am the middle child and only daughter from both of my parents. My older brother is currently in Japan due to his career path which he chose after high school, with the United States Air Force. He has gotten the chance to travel the world and I am extremely proud of him. My younger brother is currently in college and wants to major in economics. My mother went to college, has her real-estate license and owned a business for several years called “The Little Art Works” where she made wedding dresses, prom dresses, formal children clothing, and did embroidery. My father went to college where he graduated Kum laude, after which he went on to get his masters. He use to write speeches for the government in Washington, D.C., he currently is Vice President of a real-estate Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.


My Contributions in my high school career to my college career was a blood Drive I did in 2010 and 2011 in which I helped host. I helped host Quinn house project at Maxwell High School in 2009. The Quinn house project was a house that children to teens would to go if they were in unlivable conditions and raising money to get them things we take for granted every day around Christmas time. I was able to give a donation larger than the amount of money I raised in the community; I was very passionate about this project. After doing research from the aspect of boy to girl ratio there were more boys than girls in this house. I decided to take initiative with the help of my mom to see if GameStop would give me a discount on two game boys after talking to the General Manager they were able to cut down the cost. I went to Nationals to represent Maxwell High school, with the community service project. I had 150 community service hours and gave a speech in front of 16 other schools. I was a Skills USA Member for one year as well as an Officer of the organization my senior year of high school at North Gwinnett. I attended a St. Simmons Fall Leadership Conference 2010, were it taught me communication skills and how to present myself while talking in large groups. Currently I am the freshmen Representative for my graduating class (Student Government Association) 2013 to 2014; I want to be the voice of the freshmen class to give my fellow students the opportunity to speak up.


I never really knew my potential until I came to Beacon College and being able to grow more than where, I was three years ago. I have the opportunity to maintain a 4.0 GPA and get credits that are transferrable. I did not take my S.A.T. nor did I take my A.C.T in high school and getting accepted to Beacon College, has open doors for me I never thought could be open. I have the potential to become a R.A. my freshmen year, start a sorority, and be able to have 30 plus credits to transfer without having to have a S.A.T. or A.C.T. score. I am currently in the process of applying to different University’s. My potential is endless and I’m now just realizing it being here at Beacon College.

Discouraged but not defeated

I’m human, being said I make mistakes; I have a tendency to allow people to affect me emotional. I let things that are said about me get in the way of what I want to accomplish. Mentally I have been through a lot and realistically, I shouldn’t let what others think about me get in the way of what I’m trying to accomplish. Currently I have straight A’s but two A minuses and even though it’s the grades from midterms; I feel as though I need to do better than what I’m currently doing to maintain my grades for the final. Being that I’m transferring after next semester, I want to have a 4.0 or higher on my transcript; which makes me want to strive harder to achieve what I want. If I were to change anything it would be to not worry so much about what people say, but let my actions show my character and who I am as a person; letting that reflect on how people might perceive me.

Satisfied but still wanting to quench my thirst

In a since I’m pretty satisfied but I don’t want to get too comfortable, I want more for myself. I love being a part of SGA, being able to be the voice of the freshmen class and listening to students, who are my younger brother’s age. I’m able to relate to a lot of the freshmen even though I’m twenty-one years old. Being that I went to so many different high schools I was able to understand and learn more about other young people like myself, and how everyone is different. I’m currently forming a sorority which I would be the founder as well at the president. I tutor students in my spear time which is allowing me to get to know the students and understand each and every one a little better. I feel as though since I’m transferring I will have more of the tools and a better understanding of how others think and feel; which has a big part to do with learning and the environment one is in.

Seeing the finish line but still having a few hurtles to jump

Being that I already have A’s I feel academically, I could focus more on making my work more analytical in the since of, little to no grammar mistakes. My goals are to continue to maintain A’s and be able to stay focused. I would love to have a good standing GPA when I transfer. So I would say goal wise I’m pretty on track with my academics. Not saying I’m perfect and there are things I’m sure I can do differently but I’m content on how my goals are going academically as of now. Next semester might be a challenge but I’m ready to set forth new goals in order to meet my overall goals with transferring to a University in North Carolina.

Whoever said the sky is the limit lied…I’m reaching for the Universe

What I want to achieve is the since of knowing that not I’m dumb, stupid or slow nor am I to inadequate to achieve what any student at a University could accomplish. Currently I’m achieving my goal which is maintaining a good GPA, being involved and applying my other skills; I’ve learned in my past to help me achieve my goals for my future. My purpose of attending college is not only because I want an exceptional future, but I want the chance to prove to myself and people who doubted me. Since I was in elementary school where I was introduced to what an LD was and put in the IEP program. Not knowing the difference of being called stupid, mentally defective and lackadaisical and how there were other options and resources I had to figure out myself, it wasn’t easy and I had to fight for it. I have been ashamed of having a Learning Disorder making excuse to why I was different. Attending Beacon College has given me an opportunity that words could not even begin to show how humble and fortuitous I am.


When I close my eyes and vividly imagine the outcome of the obstacles I have overcome, I see myself extremely happy. This whole learning disability wasn’t easy and I had to fight more than the “average, normal” student, but I’m grateful and able to look back at all the negativity I was faced with. I’m still not done and there are going to be obstacles but my experiences have given me insight. I see myself at Appalachian State University in the fall of 2014, graduating with honors, only being active in AKA sorority; devoting all of my time to my studies. I see myself having a Political Science degree and minor in communication or international affairs. I have a strong urge to go to Law school, which isn’t going to be easy but I know I’m capable of doing it. I see myself studying abroad and learning a different culture, and getting to live in a different country like many of my family members have done. I see myself advocating Beacon college because more students who have a learning disability should know they have other option besides the military or a technical college from there high school teachers. I’ve learned people fear what they don’t know, and I feel as though people need to know that limiting a child and not showing the different possibilities that are out there for us. Does not only hurt the child but it’s truly hurting themselves and having the right to call themselves educators, no child should feel left behind. What most people fail to realize is that our generation is going to be the future and preventing them from reaching their full potential could possibly, be stopping the next scientist who finds the formula to cure cancer? After law school and passing the bar, I see myself traveling and having a career that I love. I don’t want to stop learning I want to keep growing and fighting for what I truly believe without having any limitations defining me.


There are many definitions for the word gap but my interpretation might be a little different. I connect that term to my obstacles that I already faced and I will face more in the future. It reminds me off debate and, how we had to fill a gap with remaining time left over because it was a timed event. Trying to think of different ways to pin point emphasizing the issues we were fighting for or against with the opposing team. Trying to fill that time gap of what seemed to be a long period of remaining minutes, but realistically was just a few minutes down to seconds. That’s how I think when it comes to my academics; the more I procrastinate the more years, days, hours, and minutes I’m losing to accomplishing my overall goal. To fill these gaps I need to stay focused, learn more ways of different techniques on how I could learn more prominently being that I have a learning disability.

~Venus Beulah

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