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Nike Exclusive Sneaker Release Out To Kill

| Student Work, Writing Center

Have you noticed that we spend more and more of our time waiting in lines when we really want something? Some people feel it’s worth their time to wait in line at the movie theater to buy tickets for a brand new movie release. I, on the other hand, feel it is worth waiting in line for a new pair of exclusive Nike shoes that just came out and everybody’s trying to get on the same day. Waiting in line to buy the newest exclusive limited Nike LeBron X shoe can be very dangerous, but the reward of getting the shoes is well worth the risk.
So it all happened, on June 24, 2013, I along with my brother and my father, woke up very, very bright and early (around 4:00 am.), we were really excited to buy the newest Nike LeBron X Release that I only got 4 hours of sleep. We all got in the car and drove off to the mall, in downtown Atlanta, GA, to the Footlocker store. We brought out our chairs and tents, and waited outside the mall in the long line for hours and hours that seemed to last forever until 8a.m. Especially because it was really chilly outside, I had been looking online to get these exclusive limited Nike Sneakers for a month now. However, while we were waiting outside in line for the store to open, I notice there were other wild folks outside talking, making a bunch of noise, and some people were sleeping. They were waiting in line before us, camped out in tents for two days and two nights. They were talking about how nice the Nike shoes we’re how there were only 88 pairs of shoes available to buy today, and how they were going to get their pair first.
Meanwhile my brother, my dad and I were still in line waiting for the Footlocker store to open. It would be another hour an hour and a half before the 8 a.m. opening time. Waiting in line with over 100 people, who I didn’t know, made me very anxious. I had a lot of people around me that were very loud, cutting- in –and-out of line, and bulldozing their way to the front of the store. This made me feel very scared. I was carrying $190 in my pocket and I felt unsafe, as if something were going to happen to my money.
Out of nowhere, my brother, my dad, and I saw a man with a black mask walking up the line from behind outside the mall pick-pocketing people’s money. While he was doing this, he was pushing people and telling them, “Give up your money now or I’ll kill you! Hurry up!” He wanted to get the money to buy the newly released $180 LeBron X Nike shoes that were in the store. Once we saw him coming down trying to rob people, my dad whispered to me and my brother and told us, “Make sure you keep your money and hands in your pocket and don’t move or say anything, you hear?” The pick-pocket walked right by us and didn’t even try to steal our money.
I don’t know why he passed by us, but my dad told us not to talk to the pick-pocket so we didn’t. Standing there, with my hands in my pockets to protect my money, I was worried about two things. First, I didn’t want the pick-pocket to hurt us. Second, I didn’t want to lose my money because I wanted those shoes! Although I felt miserable about the people who had their money taken, I was glad he didn’t steal mine. Overall, looking back at that day, it was really crazy and treacherous but, at the same time, it was well worth it. I enjoyed being with my brother and father that day. We stuck together as a family and we were all blessed to come home safely. Not only did we make it safely back home, we each made it home with a pair of Nike LeBron X shoes!

~ Dana Council

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