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To the Island one last time

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I’m up and ready to go by 3:45am. We needed to catch the ferry by 9am.  Three hours in the van and one hour on the ferry and I was in heaven watching the sun set over Cayo Coast State park.
Tent pitched and fire on I relaxed and thought of all the other great times I’ve had on the island. As graduation comes closer, each day I sit by the fire and reminisce, telling stories of  fun and adventure had by all on the island. I never sleep better then on the ground curled up in my sleeping bag. As the sun would hit my tent I’d jump out and greet the day. Sure I go back and sleep another hour, but I’m ready for the day by 9 am.
With great weather, kayaking, biking, hiking, crab hunting, and work out time at the beach there was never nothing to do, and if you wanted to you could do just  nothing.  The three day weekend was greatly appreciated by the camping club. To get away and live the simple life lets you be appreciative of what you have back home. Especially hot water.
As we helped other beach goes and campers off the ferry, I looked back to the island that I’ve been coming to for the past three years and knew I was going to miss it. But the memories live on.

~ Heather Reed

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