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Summer Course: Studio Photography

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One of the most popular courses being offered this summer – and one that is sure to fill up fast- is Studio Photography. Sandy Novak is instructing this course, which is an elective for anyone in either track of the Computer Information Systems major, though Web & Digital Media students may benefit the most from it. Students majoring in Studio Arts must take at least one course in photography, and this class would fill that requirement. Of course, any student with an interest in photography is welcome and encouraged to take this course.

Students in this course will learn about the fundamentals in the use of digital cameras and electronic imaging technology. They will learn the technical skills associated with photography, but they will also be able to explore the potential the medium has for telling stories and communicating with others.  The class involves daily hands on experience, meaning that students will get out there and photograph and continue their work in the classroom by utilizing Photoshop. The goal will be to create professional looking shots, and Sandy Novak promises that it’ll be a good time!

With the proliferation of camera phones and apps such as Instagram, everyone believes him/herself to be a good photographer. This course will ensure students understand what it takes to truly be a great photographer and to gain an appreciation for the technical skills involved.

If you enjoy photography, this is the summer course for you!


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