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Honor Society Convention Meets in Kissimmee

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HS1A few members from the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society accompanied Dr. Stowe this past weekend to the National Honor Society Convention in Kissimmee, FL. The night started off well (even though Dr. Stowe got a little lost). We all arrived at the Convention Center around 7:30pm Friday night.

The first session was an introduction to the National Honor Society and the board. About an hour later, we split up into separate state groups. We were in the same room with South Carolina and Idaho. We discussed new ideas for fundraising, community service, recruiting members, and other ideas for new events. We all got great new ideas and met some new SONY DSCpeople.

Then around 10:00pm the hotel hosted a 25th anniversary party with food, drinks, and desserts. This was a very fun event to end the night, plus the food was delicious and we met more new people.

On Saturday morning we arrived to the first meeting at 9:00am. Some of the talks were very HS3interesting, and I learned a lot about the national level of the Honor Society. There were speeches and elections for new board members, new and old business, raffle prizes, and awards. The day concluded around 3:00pm with a thank you, and congratulations to everyone. HS4


We all enjoyed the convention immensely.

~ Rachel Yellon

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