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Valentine’s Day Musings

| Student Perspective, Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day For years now I’ve been indecisive as to my opinion about Valentine’s Day. I come from a traditional family in the sense that all holidays were paid attention to and it was a custom to participate in Valentine’s when able (read: in a relationship). But I’ve also been exposed to the other side of the argument that paints Valentine’s as a commercialized scam and economy boost. Shouldn’t we all love each other all the time? It’s a grand fantasy for an ideal world that something each and everyone should strive for. But the reality is life happens and gets in the way of those spectacles of love that we all wish we had the time and money for.

So I let Valentine’s serve as a gentle reminder, if anything, that in today’s hectic world you want to prioritize the things you love most.

~ Brett Daly

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