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25 Years of Beacon History- Quiz Answers

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History Quiz Answers

1)      The correct answer is 1989…25 years ago. For those of you who didn’t know, “Summer of ’69” is actually a popular song from Bryan Adams. We actually imagined people singing the song in their heads as they considered the choices. Did you?

2)      Contrary to popular belief, Marsha Glines was actually the first president of Beacon College. Dr. Glines served from 1989-1991. She then went on to work at Lynn University, continuing her work with students with learning disabilities.

3)      The correct answer is Deborah Brodbeck. As the longest serving president, Brodbeck helped shape the College, providing the foundation for what it has become. She began her term in 1992, and retired in 2011. Kim Baggett is the employee who has been with Beacon the longest, and Dr. John Hutchinson most recently left his post as Interim President, so it’s understandable if you selected one of those answers.

4)      The correct answer is Franklin Pierce University, located in NH. Saint Anselm College is also located in NH, and Harvard is where Dr. Hagerty earned his degrees, so this question may have been a bit tricky and required some research to determine the correct answer.

5)      The correct answer is the Stoer Building (currently where the Center for Student Success is housed). When Beacon College was first founded, the campus consisted of two buildings- Stoer and D’Addario. The Stoer Building housed the dining hall, as well as the library and a classroom.

6)      Beacon Hall is the name of the new classroom/administration building. This was probably an easy one. Chris Hall is our fabulous Director of Facilities and New Development. Maybe one day he’ll have a Beacon building named after him.

7)      The correct answer is Palmetto House, which is where Admissions is housed. We probably didn’t trick too many people with this one. Allegedly, the house is haunted.

8)      The correct answer is Dr. Terri Ross, who will be celebrating 18 years with Beacon at the end of this year. Dr. Huff, Assistant Professor of History, is Beacon’s newest faculty member, having begun at the College in fall 2013.

9)      The correct answer is Gamma Beta Phi. This national honor society requires a high GPA, as well as a dedication to community service. Lambda Epsilon Omega is the fraternity on campus.

10)  The correct answer is Annie Oakley. Oakley and her husband made frequent visits to Leesburg, and there is now a statue of her outside of the Leesburg Public Library, where Van Galyon has been known to take his students. Zora Neale Hurston is a native of Florida. She lived in Eatonville, which is just outside Orlando, and there is a festival in her honor the last weekend of January every year. Al Capone was a known visitor of Mount Dora, which is just a thirty minute drive from Leesburg.


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