Honor Society Convention Meets in Kissimmee

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A few members from the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society accompanied Dr. Stowe this past weekend to the National Honor Society Convention in Kissimmee, FL. The night started off well (even though Dr. Stowe got a little lost). We all arrived at the Convention Center around 7:30pm Friday night. The first session was an introduction […]

Inaugural Address

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George J. Hagerty was installed as the third President of Beacon College on February 21, 2014, coinciding roughly with the College’s 25th anniversary.  In his inaugural address, Dr. Hagerty Reflected on Beacon College’s extraordinary history and track record Talked about the specific challenges faced in providing a rich undergraduate experience for students who learn differently […]

Splash into Science Volunteer Event

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Today (February 18th) a few volunteers from the Honor Society went to help out at the Splash into Science event at Sunrise ARC in Leesburg. During this event, Peyton, Robbie, Brett, Michelle and I ran different tables or “stations.” We were working with adults with mental disabilities like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other mental […]

Valentine’s Day Musings

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For years now I’ve been indecisive as to my opinion about Valentine’s Day. I come from a traditional family in the sense that all holidays were paid attention to and it was a custom to participate in Valentine’s when able (read: in a relationship). But I’ve also been exposed to the other side of the […]

Summer Course: British History through Film

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One of the new courses being offered this summer is British History through Film. As the title of the course suggests, the students in this class will be watching films in an effort to better understand the history of the British people. This course was created as the academic component of the cultural study abroad […]

Summer Course: Studio Photography

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One of the most popular courses being offered this summer – and one that is sure to fill up fast- is Studio Photography. Sandy Novak is instructing this course, which is an elective for anyone in either track of the Computer Information Systems major, though Web & Digital Media students may benefit the most from […]

Summer Schedule Announced

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Summer Term 2014 May 5 – May 29   Course Schedule   MTWRF (9:00 – 11:30 a.m.)   Prefix   Title   Instructor   Room   ART 3052   Topics: Installation Art Bellamy Art Studio   BSC2109   Topics:  Economic Botany Stowe Science Lab   CIS 2261   Topics: Technology for Professionals Flaten PC Lab […]

Wednesday Science Study Group

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Biology is a hard class for college students wherever you go. The Center for Student Success has decided to tackle this class with a science study group, which is increasingly becoming more popular. Every Wednesday in the Center for Student Success, from 6-7, students gather together to study for Dr. Stowe’s Life Science course.  The […]

25 Years of Beacon History- Quiz Answers

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History Quiz Answers 1)      The correct answer is 1989…25 years ago. For those of you who didn’t know, “Summer of ’69” is actually a popular song from Bryan Adams. We actually imagined people singing the song in their heads as they considered the choices. Did you? 2)      Contrary to popular belief, Marsha Glines was actually […]