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New Director of the Writing Center Settling In

| Faculty, Writing Center

SONY DSCFor the spring semester, Beacon has a new Director of the Writing Center- Mr. Jacob Pinkston.

Pinkston originally hails from Illinois, but has most recently spent his years getting his masters in Fairbanks, Alaska and Ecuador, where he was serving with the Peace Corps. The extreme differences in temperature haven’t been a problem for him. He says he now prefers the warm weather, and he will adapt easily to Florida life.

Though his masters degree was in literature, Mr. Pinkston’s bachelors is in creative writing, and he specializes in short stories where he develops and concentrates on character development and dialog.  He will be introducing a writing contest for the students to participate in and submit their short stories/poems/non-fiction in different categories, but for the most part this semester is a wait-and-see approach to see what students need for the Writing Center.

Mr. Pinkston most looks forward to the opportunity to work with students who are motivated about learning, noting that he’s had experience with students with learning disabilities before, and he knows the struggles they overcame to attend college. Lastly, he laid out his management scheme for the Writing Center: all staff Consultants will help with editing and assisting students, and he plans on introducing a Peer Consultants program, similar to Peer Tutors, that can assist him in minor management issues and SONY DSCassist students. There is already a strong team in place, and these additions will only help to improve the smooth system the Writing Center has had in place for years.

Students will still enjoy a similar experience in the Writing Center, including the maintaining of popular nightly events that have become expected, but they can look forward to some new adjustments based on student needs and interests. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself!

~Brett Daly

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