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Peer Mentors Head to IUPUI Mentoring Symposium

| Peer Mentoring

Michelle & Cari

Our trip to Indianapolis was educational as well as inspirational and fun. Our first day was spent visiting Braden’s (Learning Specialist) parents’ bunny farm. As we stepped out of the vehicle we were greeted with smiles, hugs, and refreshments. We were given a tour of the farm and an inside view of their business where we learned how they packaged pig semen and sold it to the various buyers. We finished the night by going to Ivanhoes; there was an assortment of thirty-two flavors of  ice cream.

The next day was the peer mentoring conference. We were both excited in anticipation of the days’ events. We were impressed, inspired, and motivated by the Conference 2013words of Joshua Frendburg. He taught us how to  grow as peer mentors. What really stuck out to us was when he explained the impact we as peer mentors have on students. The example he used was  that one paper or assignment you help your mentee with is helping them graduate college. After his motivational speech we broke up into groups.

After the conference we strolled the town of Indianapolis; later that night we went to the Rathskeller, which is a German Restaurant.  The next day we chilled at the hotel and got ready for classes the next day.

~ Michelle Underwood & Cari Beecham

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