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The Value of Student Internships

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During the month of July, four students participated in the Intensive Summer Employment Training program. As they neared the end of the course, having participated in both an internship as well as daily afternoon class sessions, the students were asked to reflect on the experience and on what they had learned. Here are their thoughts, as excerpted from their personal reflective pieces:

SONY DSCIn the summer course that I took, I learned interviewing skills that will help me ace an interview. I recognized things I do during practice interviews that can be improved. At the Leesburg Public Library, where I interned, I was able to be around my favorite things…books, which I loved. I enjoyed it so much I asked to volunteer during the month of August. I have learned so much from both this class and my internship. Now that I look back, I am glad that I was given the opportunity to take this class.
~ Laykin Braddock




The thing that I learned during the course is how to improve my interviewing skills for the actual interview for my career. Another thing that I learned during SONY DSCthe class is to have better eye contact. The first thing that I learned from my internship at the Leesburg Public Library is how to put away books in the fiction section of the library. What I also learned from my internship was how to improve my organization skills.
~ Mark Sheppard





David & JacobMy internship took place at the Leesburg Center for the Arts. As for the class, I know I learned a lot from it and improved on a vast amount of things, such as resume creating and interviewing skills. The skills I learned from the class will help me vastly in the long run and will be a big part of my work life and how my career will be. We covered everything from what to expect in an interview to how to prepare the night before, what to wear, what to bring, how to act, and even how to shake hands and greet the employer.
~ Jake Bogdanski (left side)


In class I learned to do interview practices and learn from the mistakes. Some were hard and tricky. The “boss” (Mr. Paget) would get me in a trap question, and I would have to find a way around it. I learned to give firm handshakes, not “limp fishes,” which are weak handshakes. I also learned to show up presentable and ready to learn.
~ David Irizarry (right side)


Clearly, the students did learn a lot in a short amount of time.

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