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2013 Student Ambassadors Announced

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The Office of Admissions at Beacon College has created a Student Ambassador Program beginning with the Fall 2013 semester. Applicants had to undergo a rigorous process to be accepted into the program, beginning with completing an application with professional references and ending with a personal interview with members of the admissions team. There were only a few positions available, making this a competitive application process. The following students have been accepted into the new Student Ambassador program for the Fall 2013 semester: Senior John “Jack” Callahan (Business Management major), sophomores Tiffani Clause (Interdisciplinary Studies major), Dana Council (Computer Information Systems major), Selena Lewis (Human Services major), and Michael Tabankin (Computer Information Systems major).

Student ambassadors will serve as tour guides for prospective student visits and assist the Admissions Office with Sunshine Saturday events. Ambassadors gain work experience in public speaking, as well as organization and presentation skills, and they are provided with professional development and ongoing training about campus services and support programs.

Andrew Marvin, Admissions Counselor and coordinator of the Student Ambassador Program, played a pivotal role in selecting the students, and he has already begun training them.  He says, “The hope is that these student leaders will not only give something to prospective students and families, but also receive something from participating in the program. Students can improve their public speaking and communication skills, share their academic experiences, and develop confidence and work experience all at the same time.”

In order to be considered for the program, students must apply and interview for the program, achieve and maintain a 2.5 GPA, and be recognized as student leaders on campus. Student Ambassadors must have advocacy skills so they can talk about their learning differences with ease to prospective students, families, and educational professionals who are visiting the campus.  “I was really impressed with all the students who applied and interviewed for the open spots,” Marvin said. “It was really a difficult decision to pick just a few.” The positions are renewable as long as students maintain their academic integrity, show continued interest and growth, and are available due to their class and extracurricular activity schedules.

For more information on the Student Ambassadors Program, please contact the Office of Admissions at Beacon College: 352-638-9731 or

~ Stephanie Knight

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