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Meet Our Newest Professor

| Faculty

SONY DSCDr. Christopher Huff is a new history professor for the Interdisciplinary Studies major here at Beacon College. He hails from recently teaching at the University of Georgia and is going into his sixth year of teaching. Coming from the suburbs of Atlanta to Leesburg has been quite a transition, but one that he says he has enjoyed so far, in no small part because of Atlanta’s heavy traffic.

Dr. Huff currently resides in Mount Dora, an area he thoroughly enjoys, where he spends his time watching sports (primarily baseball), and performing music with his wife. And though he enjoys his free time, Dr. Huff has a passion for history. Growing up, he often visited historical sites like colonial Williamsburg with his family and enjoys historical movies like Rashomon and Matewan. He especially enjoys teaching and learning about the period in the 1960s, a period in which “…is a moment of intense change,” and a “period of great confrontation, but also a period of great potential and possibility.”

Dr. Huff understands the challenges that might be presented in teaching students with learning disabilities, but has the experience (he spent several years as a residential dorm counselor at small schools in Virginia) and passion to bring history “alive” to the students here at Beacon College.

~ Brett Daly