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Advice for College Freshmen

| Student Perspective

As the first week of school starts in less than three days I can’t believe I’ll be graduating in May. Three years has sure gone by fast. I look back and think about my first year as a transfer student and was pleasantly surprised at how much I wanted to be a part of the Beacon College family. Here is my advice as you begin your college experience:

  • As a new student to the Beacon Family, I recommend meeting all of your fellow students and making a few friends.
  • When in doubt, ask a Student R.A (Resident Assistant) when the next Beacon event is (information that can also be found on the website, your school email, and advertisements in the Chopping Block).
  • Moving into a new place is always tricky because everyone is different. Always try and work out a flexible schedule with everyone in the apartment.
  • I know for myself procrastination always stresses me out, so try and meet with your Learning Specialist and frequent the Writing Center to get any class and homework done. For a quiet one-on-one session, there are also Peer Mentors who are located throughout Beacon buildings.
  • First year students are required to meet with a counselor and life coach for their first year, so take it seriously and take advantage because they always have something valuable to say. I found the counseling sessions to be very helpful when I was overwhelmed and stressed. I was able to talk about my issues and they helped teach me a few techniques that would help me throughout the day.

I will always remember my time here at Beacon College and be thankful for the things I have learned and gained.

~ Heather Reed

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