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Saturday Morning Insect Hunt

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On Saturday, June 8th, Dr. Kirk Stowe led an insect scavenger hunt at Trout Lake Nature Center in Eustis. During Summer Term, Dr. Stowe had brought his Field Botany class to Trout Lake for a tour with Lavon. By the end of it, Dr. Stowe had agreed to volunteer his time for an insect workshop. So on a warm summer Saturday morning, a group of children and adults gathered to learn more about different types of insects and how to identify them. Lavon and Dr. Stowe had compiled a list of the eight most common insects in Florida and the ones most likely to be seen around the Nature Center. The group reviewed the sheet and checked out the collection of insect specimens. After this review, everyone in the group was confident of the ability to identify and collect an example of each of the different insect types, and that was exactly what they set out to do. Over the course of an hour, the group scoured the surrounding area, looking for insects, chatting about insects and the like, and admiring other life forms, such as birds and alligators, plants, berries, and flowers. While most of the types of insects were discovered on the search, a couple proved elusive for finding or capturing and it was decided that a couple of other types should be added to the list for the next time. Everyone in the group learned a little something, and also enjoyed exploring and soaking up the sunshine before the heat of the day really struck.

~ Gretchen Dreimiller



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