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Meet Dr. Stowe: Biology Professor

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Dr. Kirk A. Stowe, who has been our Professor of Biology for the past three years, has developed and implemented several new courses to our curriculum.  These include Evolutionary Biology, Entomology, Field Botany, and Insects and Mythology.  During the summer semester, he taught Field Botany, which went extremely well, as most of Florida’s flowers bloom in our summer.  He has also collaborated with professors in other disciplines to teach courses such as Botanical Research and Illustration and also Plants and People.  His main interest lies in the area of the interactions between plants and insects, but he has also conducted some educational research.  This year he organized a symposium for the Association of Southeastern Biologist concerning how colleges and secondary schools could work together to promote teaching and research at both types of institutions.  Most recently, he published a paper entitled, “Costs of Glucosinolates in Brassica rapa:  Are they Context Dependent?”  Currently, he is guest editing a special issue of The International Journal of Modern Botany exploring the interactions between insects, mammals, invertebrates, and plants.

On Saturday, June 8th, Dr. Stowe will be at Trout Lake Nature Center for a free, public event. He will bring his insect display, teach the participants about distinguishing between different types of insects, and then lead a scavenger hunt around the premises in search of each of the types. This is sure to be a fun and informative event!

~ Dr. Kirk Stowe

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