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Association of Southeastern Biologist Meetings

| Faculty
Dr. Kirk A. Stowe, Assistant Professor of Biology at Beacon College, recently attended the Association of Southeastern Biologist Meetings in Charleston, WV.  During his time there, he attended a number of presentations that have significantly influenced his thinking about plant-insect interaction and given him some ideas of how our undergraduates may be incorporated into his research.  Most importantly, he chaired the Education Committee of the Association that held a round table centered around the ideas of how to teach research in the secondary classroom and how to best incorporate good teaching practices into the college classroom.
The roundtable was very successful and came up with several ideas. It included individuals from middle schools working on turtles to associate professors working with high school teachers on research. A number of people working in this area have also incorporated graduate students going to secondary schools in order to learn what a day of teaching at this level is all about. At these meetings, Dr. Stowe and his co-chair, Chris Havran from Campbell University, also presented a proposal for a symposium for next year’s meetings surrounding the educational opportunities at the various biological field stations in the Southeastern United States and abroad.
~Dr. Stowe


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