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Announcing the 2013 Catalog Contest!

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Students in Sandy Novak’s Photoshop class have the challenge of creating the cover for the College catalog. Previously, the cover had been simple and plain, dark blue with the seal prominently featured whereas covers from recent years have been diverse, exciting, and creative! Past winners of this contest include EB Newlon, who deemed it “an honor and a privilege to be selected for the catalog cover.”

This contest provides a great opportunity for students to experience a real world scenario, one that they will certainly face in the future as digital media professionals. They come to understand the importance of serving their client which, in this case, is Beacon College.  The class is also taught about the technical aspects of a printing job, and they even take a field trip to Ford Press so they can actually see the printing presses at work. Once they are clear on the guidelines from the client and the printer, each student has the freedom and flexibility to create something they believe will meet the needs of the client and achieve the goals of the project.

When all the cover designs were polished, they were submitted to President’s Council for evaluation; this group selected three finalists. It is now up to the College community to choose the winner! Vote for your favorite via the main Beacon College Facebook page.

Be a part of Beacon College history by helping to select the cover for the 2013-2014 catalog! Voting is open through June 1, 2013:

~ Gretchen Dreimiller & Sandy Novak


The finalists

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