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Woke Up This Morning

| Arts, Student Work
Woke up this morning to the morning sun
The day is over and world is being devoward by night.
It’s time to stop and turn towards being a man.
Nothing to hold you back, just a helping hand from your family.
Beauty everywhere but where is the warmth of a women
Don’t stop tell the fricksion results in a fire
Somethings different, inside there seems to be a fire.
Looking up into the sky to feel the warmth of the sun.
Keeping me on track and motivated are the, women.
A king size bed is ment for two at night.
Dreams of waking up earily and cooking breakfast for my family.
Once a boy has now become a man.
My too due list is long now that I am a man.
Yet I have not changed, I give fuel to my fire.
Motivations comes with what you have, my motivation is my family.
I fall asleep tonight knowing that I’ll wake up to the morning sun
Always smiling my way throughout the day, into the night.
Comeing home to what I’ve been waiting for, the warmth of my women.
I wake up to a sense of joy, because of women.
If I cannot provide for what I care for then there is no reason to call me a man.
Soft and delicket hands to hold me at night.
Giving me strength to do it all over again, my fire.
Once again I wake up to the morning sun
Cooking breakfast is how I show love for my family.
~ Jake Flanagan


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