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The Ice House’s Version of The Secret Garden

| Theatre Review
The play called The Secret Garden is currently playing at the Ice House Theater in Mount Dora, and a group of students went to see it on Friday, April 1st.
The Secret Garden is based on a novel, and it is set in the 19th century. The play begins when Mary and her parents and everyone else are in India and having a celebration. Then Mary’s parents and everybody else dies. The play tells the story of how a little girl from India goes to London, England to live with her uncle. Then she goes looking for the secret garden. After she finds the key that unlocks the door to the secret garden, she finds the secret garden that once belonged to her dead aunt and was her dead aunt’s garden.
The Secret Garden was a great show.The cast of the show The Secret Garden did a great job. I would give it 4 stars. The Secret Garden is playing at the Ice House through April 14th.

~Mark Sheppard


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