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For National Poetry Month

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For National Poetry Month, Ms. Caroline Le introduced her College Composition students to sestina, a form of poetry that was invented by the troubadours in 12th century France. This poetic form is structured with six stanzas, six lines each, ending with a three line stanza. Students were challenged to create their own poems. Here are some of the results:

Shattered Memories
I’ve been having this weird dream lately
A scattered memories is like a far-off dream
A far-off dream is like a scattered memories
A dream that is never existed in reality
Where it will show you your memory
In the past, present, and future.
Down in the land of town
The town full of beautiful lights
In the darkest depth
Even the door to light
The strange looking people
Where the town never existed in reality
As I keep walking
Here I approached my familiar friends
They were excited to see me
Calling me master
Something isn’t right
But was glad to see my old and new friends.
This is like a scattered memories
A dream that warms my heart
Wish to stay here forever
Beautiful grand town
And amazing people
Forever in my heart
Hanging out with my friends
Until I see my name written on block-like street
Again saw my name on walls
Friends keep telling me this
That I am…
The creator of this dream town.
I have created this amazing futuristic town
I have created this beautiful lights all over the town
I have created this happiest people living or traveling in town
I have created this awesome buildings and streets
I have created this entire town for everyone and I
The dream town that I wanted to be in reality forever.
I’ve been having this amazing yet beautiful dream lately
A scattered memories is like a far-off dream
A far-off dream is like a scattered memories
The dream town created by my past, present, and future.
~  Christopher Padilla


As the Whistle Blows

As the whistle blows we fight
It does not take long before you feel the rush
Not long after you feel the pain
Coach keeps on saying strain we all know we are loyal
We all know we are loyal
You try your hardest to win
If we don’t win
We will keep up the fight
Even if we loose we are still loyal
No matter what I feel the rush
I still can’t get coaches word out of my head strain
My body is full of pain
You can’t escape the pain
Even when you win
The only way you will win is to strain
No battle is won without a fight
The fans are feeling the rush
We have to be loyal
You can tell if someone is loyal
By how much they show pain
There is no other feeling like the rush
We all want to win
Everyone on the field is in this fight
Every sole is physically strained
We keep on with the strain
We are all still loyal
Nobody will stop this fight
No matter what you take you will still feel the pain
Both teams wont to win
We all still feel the rush
I am tiered of this rush
We are all tiered of this constant strain
It looks as if my team will win
Each team is still loyal
We are tired of the pain
We are all tired of this fight.
This fight to the end is full of pain
The rush you get is like no other strain
If your team stays loyal you have a good chance to win.
~ Dalton Love

Being in class all you hear is tap
Next door you hear the music to the class of hip hop
When there is a storm I sometimes dance in the rain
I look forward to dance because of the music
Being a dancer I love being on stage
There are a lot of colorful lights you see from the stage
There are two dances I do but the one I love is tap
I love being in a dance studio because you hear the different music
One style of dance you can do a lot of moves in is hip hop
But the dance studio is the best place to be when it rains
I just love being in the dance studio
All the dances for the recitals start in the studio
You see all my nerves go away when I go on stage
I think dancers sometimes dance better when it rains
Don’t freak out when you hear the noise it’s just tap
Another 8 count starts for hip hop
And then starts the music
Lights, camera, action, and start the music
My second home is the dance studio
In class my teacher always had us practicing stunts for hip hop
She made us practice because we will be using them on stage
The foot work we used in hip hop helps me for tap
Sometimes after leaving dance I have to walk to my car in the rain
When it gets time for the recital its annoying when you have to walk in the rain
At the dance recital the audience hears a lot of different music
Every dance recital I was in the first dance I would do was tap
Every rehearsal but the dance rehearsal happens at the studio
Now the dress rehearsals happens on the stage
I always have fun doing hip hop
I love the free style of hip hop
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain”
I feel more confident and free when I am dancing on stage
My dance teacher always made us practice the dance once without music
Dancers spend most of their time at the dance studio
As for me, if I had to I would spend all my time at the studio tapping
On a rainy day my hip hop class pretends we are on stage
Being a tap dancer I sometimes think we get the better music then hip hop
Tapping has the fast moving steps and hip hop has the music
~ Jessica Balot


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