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Crazy is an Understatement (From past to present…) Women’s Rights and Equality for All!

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Crazy is an understatement; don’t you see my friend? All along, we have been wronged, but then we change their plans! It is believed that, girls are not as free as men, and men don’t have emotions. They run the world with iron fists, but cannot iron their own clothes. Women try to set things right, but they are shot down because of their biology. It’s once a month, but still; they say when we protest that clearly we are crazy.

Now, we fight to make things right and tip the scales into our favor, and so they writhe and take our rights, but this is beyond the pale. But now we vote and get to gloat about the here and now. We call it a step which some regret, but we opened the door to equality.
Here, we cannot wear pants to school; we must only wear dresses. But at least we can go to school! Our grandmother professes. Why she remembers when… A time not so long ago; when women could not read or write, just cook and sit around and sew. “We’d sneak our learnings and if you were lucky you had a man who’d know that we were worthy of the teachings and help give us a start…” In that present moment my Papa would tell her to simmer down and joke about “What a mistake THAT was…” “Well, off to school my little bug.” He’d coo and so I’d grab my stuff.
It’s crazy to think of how far we’ve come from those darkened days. We fight for everyone including minorities today! We march and protest on the streets of D.C. to take discrimination away! Equality for all is all we want to see. Do not undermine our movement do not jail us and throw away the key. Crazy is an understatement; now everyone can see! Why are you afraid to give all humans indelible freedoms and irrevocable peace?
One small step for man, one giant leap for womankind! We took away segregation for the minorities and now we dress as we please “within (conservative) reason”. We can vote for president, but that’s not it still we follow our plight and continue our feminist fight! We do the jobs as well as men sometimes, even better than, but still we find that crazy is an understatement. We get about ten cents to each man’s dollar; and we cannot fight in combat. We are tested and treated like nothing more than meat when we walk into the door. We cannot walk alone, especially at night. And if we dress in “skimpy” clothes, we are “asking for IT” right? We are still treated as second-class, but we have made leaps and bounds from our past! We are encouraged to still cook and clean, but we can also be lawyers and doctors at least!
We still are misportrayed by the media and in the eyes of men. Violence and abuse still come and we are shunned if we take on them, or talk about what happened when… But hence forth we state that we will fight (but not each and every one). Some believe it’s better if you take it and then run. We know the rules of combat now, but must fight in secret alongside of the men. We get the jobs that we might want, but around the world, there is still a gap, a lapse of judgment, when a woman finds she’s pregnant and cries when it’s not a man.
Crazy is an understatement when you think about the government and how they want to control our bodies when they can’t even control their NORMAL functions. They can easily “solve abortion,” but they cannot balance their own damn budget. Trillions of dollars in debt to China and warring with Pakistan! Ten years to find a terrorist (by which a woman did!) But on the forefront of their minds is a choice that should be solely mine!
And let’s not forget the gay agenda, where the government also stifles civil liberties. But they are fighting alongside us and we do the best we can, to get them freedom to marry, just like a woman and a man! Sometimes we forget, but we are all humans. No one is “better than” equality for all is a necessity! Only then are we truly free!
In certain states, marijuana is great and allowed in increments and so is the marriage of gays! Women don’t have to hide that they fight to make this country “great.” And we repealed “don’t ask don’t tell”, but still no movement on women’s wages. Our media still refuses to accurately portray, although some shows do finally show women as whole and complete (human beings). But our strong women are mostly men or feminists gone extreme. And I hope in less than a while we break the denial and banish the silly ways, where people misconceive the needs to respect and equalize the ways of the women that they meet.
It’s crazy to think that crazy is an understatement, but even nowadays, one can see around the world women are hurt and abused, because they are “weak.” We are property to men (or so some men seem to think). But we are humans and someday I think the men will be forced to agree. One day, the universe will see that we are definitely NOT weak. We challenge social norms a lot and look how far it is we’ve gotten!
We still have a ways away to go, but we’ll make it there, I know if we keep moving forward against the gale force winds of oppression, pushing us down even as I speak. And preach equality for everyone! Let freedoms bells loudly ring! Our time has come to break down the walls and have a gender neutral society, don’t you think?
~Dawn Lowe
**A special thanks to Ms. Le, Dr. DuRoss, Elizabeth and Cari for their opinions, some fact checking, and editing on this poem/paper.**

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