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On February 28th, Appleton Creative in Orlando hosted a gallery opening for Beacon College student and professor artwork. The event was a huge success, increasing awareness of the College and of the creativity of its students, while simultaneously raising scholarship money for the pending Studio Art major. This was a fantastic opportunity for the entire College community. Artwork remains on display at Appleton through June, and select pieces are available for purchase.

Students were thrilled by the exposure and by the chance to experience an art opening. According to Art Professor Van Galyon, “The students were really excited about seeing their work in a public setting. This motivated them to continue working.” Chuck Novak commented, “Appleton is a great example of how the school is constantly working toward student success.” Hannah Walk noted that it was a “good opportunity to display work in the greater community.” 

Those that attended the event were impressed by the quality of the work and the facility where it was displayed. Systems Engineer Matt Miceli attended the event and called it “a wonderful experience. It was so nice to see the students’ art displayed so well.” Student Heather Reed raved, “The students’ work was shown in a new light…[it] was professional and very impressive. Many Web and Media students were excited to see what a real advertising agency was like and it gave them some idea on what they want to do after Beacon. The future for Beacon College is very bright and open.”

We are grateful to Appleton Creative for hosting this event, and for community support shown through donations and attendance. If you happen to be in the area, stop by the gallery and check out our student artwork!    

 Photos courtesy of Michael Huey

The entire album can be found on Google+

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