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Melon Patch Theater Review

| Leesburg

The popular musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is currently playing at the Melon Patch Theater in Leesburg. Two of our own, James Harris and Alex Sweet, are performing in this local production. On Friday, March 22nd, a group of students and staff attended opening night and came back to campus with positive reviews of the play and the acting of both James and Alex. Anthropology Professor Dr. Ross commented, “I loved their expressions and the energy they sustained throughout the whole play, and they did a nice job representing not only themselves but the College too.”

The play The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is based on a true story and is a musical comedy. The play tells the story of the Chicken Ranch, which is located just outside of the city limits of Gilbert in Lanville County, Texas. The Chicken Ranch was founded in the year 1910. The play is about Ms. Mona, the owner of the Chicken Ranch, and the Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd and also Melvin P. Thorpe, a TV personality and Watchdog consumer. The plotline of the play is about Melvin P. Thorpe, a religious TV personality who is disturbed to learn about what is going on at the Chicken Ranch so it is his mission to close down the Chicken Ranch and Ms. Mona who is trying to keep the Chicken Ranch open. Later in the show, in the second act, the TV personality Melvin P. Thorpe gets the Governor of Texas involved to help him shut down the Chicken Ranch. The play was excellent and the play was also hilarious. Alex Sweet and James Harris did a great job in the play. 

 ~ Mark Sheppard

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