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March Sunshine & Sweet Tea Day

| Admissions

Saturday, March 23rd brought an overcast morning with the palpable threat of rain. Fortunately for our visitors to the Sunshine State, the sun prevailed for the tour and a light was shone on what Beacon College has to offer. 

The first hour of the Open House was devoted to wandering, visiting the various booths manned by different departments, and munching on some delicious treats prepared by the Chef (and, yes, we are all spoiled by the food served at the Chopping Block on any given day). The group then split up, with the students leaving for a tour and the chance to climb the rock wall, and the parents remaining behind to hear from an alumnus, the President, and faculty member Caroline Le.

Alumnus Andrew Marvin, who now works for Admissions, spoke to the parents about coping with his ADHD in his first college experience, where he failed every class but College Success. Even living in Orlando, Andrew had no idea this “gem” of a college was available, but he found it to be a safe environment for students with learning disabilities and a place that prepared him for his career.  Faculty member Caroline Le spoke about her passion for teaching at Beacon College. She emphasized that this is an intimate college community, with every staff member knowing who the students are and “what makes them tick.” There is collaboration to meet students’ needs, and learning happens all the time, whether it is about course concepts, time management, or social skills. The faculty have freedom to try new and creative things, to treat learning disabilities as a gift, so lesson plans are like “balls of clay” that can be molded to meet the individual needs of the students. President Dr. Hutchinson explained the five pillars of support that “create a holistic environment” for the student. These include faculty, learning specialists, counselors, life coaches, and the Career Development department.      

Parents experienced their own tour of the campus, complete with presentations in the Writing Center, Math Lab, Art Room, and Mac Lab. They met up with their students at the rock climbing wall and headed over to Beacon Hall for desserts and a final chance to mingle and ask questions.

This was the last Sunshine & Sweet Tea Day before the Fall 2013 semester. However, private tours are available during the spring and summer and can be arranged by contacting Admissions at 855-220-5376 or via email at

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