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Guest Speakers Enlighten Personal Development Class

| Guest Speaker, Student Perspective

For his Personal Development course, Dr. Perrone invited a couple of guest speakers into the classroom during the month of February. Traci Brosman, who is the co-founder of World Wellness Education and the host for the Lake County TV channel, visited and did such a great job that she was asked if she could return in March. Ralph Smith, owner of Lake Tire and Auto in Tavares and a radio host on a local AM station, also visited. He promised to have some of our students on the air, and he gave them valuable life advice.
     Dr. Perrone sought feedback from his students about what they learned from the guest speakers. What follows are thoughts from a couple of them:
     “I’ve learned different aspects of different leadership qualities…The thing that I can take from the presentations is to work hard and don’t give up and keep trying to reach your goal.”
~Joe Ehrli
In Personal Development, we were visited by a myriad of guest speakers. Each had a story to tell about how they became successful. One running theme that I learned, that seemed prevalent amongst all the speakers, was that to be successful one must be able to effectively communicate to others and must not have the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. All of the speakers were quite diverse in their techniques and approaches when addressing us students. One thing that I was able to take away from the speakers was that it didn’t matter whether you were introverted or extroverted, very well educated or could hardly spell your name, as long as you had a goal and you worked hard to achieve it, nothing was unreachable! To me, being a leader, it doesn’t matter your age, gender, religion, or experience. All that matters is that you have heart and a stubborn disposition in the journey of your choice. A leader will ask for help and stand strong against the naysayers and even when it seems like you failed, a leader will find a way to rise like a phoenix from the flames and start again, better and stronger than before!
~ Dawn Lowe

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