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Counselors Offer Alcohol Awareness Training

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     Have you ever come in contact with a person whose sole purpose at a party was to get drunk? Have you ever been in a situation where a peer was headed for trouble with alcohol? Maybe you wanted to step in, but didn’t know what to do? Megan Van Lew and I teamed up to help students cope with these issues.

     For two nights on February 25th and 26th Megan and I hosted a Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) for the fraternity. The goal of this workshop was to provide the fraternity with the skills they need to intervene in situations where their peers are misusing alcohol. The participants had the opportunity to learn what the Florida laws are regarding alcohol, as well as some intervention strategies and the effects alcohol can have on a person. 
     Although much information was learned, this was not a lecture; it was an interactive session. The students were able to apply their skills through fun role-playing games. We even got Ray Ramos involved in one of the role plays! Special thanks to the fraternity for their hard work and participation!
    If you are interested in learning more about TIPS or participating in one of the workshops, contact me at

~Dana Manzo 

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