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Writing Center Offers Multiple Opportunities for Students to Express Their Feelings about Valentine’s Day

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The Writing Center hosted a special Build-Your-Valentine in the on February 13th. Students were able to craft cards and work on poetry and love letters. Creations could be left at the Writing Center on the featured Wall of Love for the recipient to pick up the next day. Students were encouraged to express either their love or their disgust of the holiday, and creativity and individuality were witnessed with both. There were several raffles throughout the event, and cookies were also offered.  
For the holiday night itself, the Writing Center was the place to be! Students enjoyed some delicious desserts, including cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate fondue. For entertainment, the movie Valentine’s Day was shown, games were played, and some chose to just hang out by the treats and chat. There were two raffle prizes, one with the theme of pro Valentine’s Day and the other anti. Andrew Field and Amelia Pierce were the winners of these prizes, respectively. 
Students enjoyed themselves at both events, and the party may very well become a Beacon College tradition!
Card Making Party!

Quite a few students dropped in to enjoy treats on Valentine’s Day!

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