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What to Do Around Leesburg

| Leesburg

Leesburg is a sleepy little town nestled away from big city noise and, in many ways, it’s amazing! Unfortunately, I often hear, “There is NOTHING TO DO HERE!” or, “The most entertaining thing in Leesburg is smoking…” I am here to inform you that this is luckily NOT true. There are plenty of things around Leesburg that aren’t bad for your health, and that are actually quite entertaining! For instance, Main Street has quite a few shops (most of which are open from 10:00am- 4:00pm(ish)). Some shops stay open longer and a few close sooner, so check the store hours for the exact timing. If shopping isn’t your style, there is a roller skating rink which is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Go to check times.

If you own a car, there is a movie theatre nearby, in the Lake Square Mall. Main Street also has an assortment of restaurants, and Frank’s is a good bar to go to, to shoot pool and, if you are of legal drinking age, to grab a drink. If you want to keep your entertainment more school oriented, Beacon often offers many fun activities each day and a list of such activities can be found in the Chopping Block, Student Center, or on the various bulletin boards. The nice thing about being in such a sleepy town is that you have more opportunities to hang out with your college friends/family, which helps strengthen these new and growing relationships!

            If none of the above listed sounds entertaining to you, try starting a club that does! Did you know that as a Beacon student you can organize new clubs and therefore set up all your own entertainment and help in growing the baccalaureate culture! (Baccalaurean basically means college pride culture).
~ Dawn   Lowe

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