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Valentine’s Day Advice for the Fellas

| Valentine's Day

This blog is for the fellas. This is just general advice. Every girl and relationship is different and only you and your partner know what you personally like. If you are out of ideas, though, this should hopefully help.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and by now you already have some romantic plan in the works, right? If not, don’t worry; I’m here to offer you some fail safe plans that you can use to woo your lady! First, instead of following the formulated chocolate and flowers, spring for a stuffed animal of her favorite type, or a piece of jewelry with her favorite symbol or color. Don’t go to a dinner and movie but instead take your girl on a nice walk in a park or to the location where you went on your first date; this shows that you are interested in her and, in return, she will show her interest in you!

            If you are a new couple, take this time to establish what you are looking for in your relationship. If you have been together for a while, use this day to grow your like or love for each other. Send sweet, flirty texts throughout the day like, “Hey, thinking of you, cutie,” or cite quotes from favorite movies or songs that you both share. The more you flirt and show attention, the better!
~ Dawn Lowe

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