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It may be hard to believe, but it’s time to start thinking about the summer! There are quite a few good options for summer courses, including both requisites and electives. Brief descriptions for each follow below. Titles of brand new courses have been highlighted in purple. Registration for the optional summer term will take place on Friday, February 15th.
ANT 2707/ART 2052: Topics: Culture & Art of Italy & Croatia

Survey of Italy and Croatia with a focus on culture and artistic expression.

ART 2052: Topics: Performance Art

This course will explore creative expression through contemporary fine art methods of performance. We will focus on the building and creation of 3-dimensional objects and environments meant to enhance the overall experience of the audience. The class will study the historical practice of experimental performance and the vast possibilities of the medium.

BSC 2109: Topics: Field Botany

This course introduces the student to the natural living world with emphasis on field identification of plants. It exposes the student to the different groups of plants and their ecological associations. 

BUS 3211: Topics in Business: Ecotourism

This course will cover the costs and benefits of ecotourism, cases of ecotourism around the world, approaches to ecotourism, issues of cultural tourism, policies and laws relating to ecotourism, community involvement in ecotourism enterprise establishment and management, and current ecotourism trends.

CIS 2264: Topics: Mobile Learning in Higher Education

The use of mobile devices for communication has exploded in recent years, significantly impacting the way college students communicate and access information. This course will focus specifically on the impact of mobile technology on learning at the college level. Students will examine trends and techniques involved with using the technology for higher education. Pedagogical approaches to mobile learning will be introduced, and students will have an opportunity to use these techniques during the course.

CIS/ART 3261: Digital Painting

Digital painting is an introduction to the use of the computer as a painting tool. Students learn how to create original art utilizing computer software for drawing, painting, and manipulating photographs. Class projects will explore digital painting techniques as used for personal expression, graphic design, digital art, and fine art.

ENG 1102: Composition & Literature

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts used in reading literature and in writing about literature. Specifically, the course explores the three principal literary genres (fiction, poetry, drama) and the terms that apply to an understanding of how to read those genres.

HIS 2574: Topics: History & Film

This course will examine the way film can be used as a primary source for historical investigation.

PSY 2851: General Psychology

Provides an overview of the principles of human behavior and the scope and methods of psychology. Topics include human development, intelligence, emotion, motivation, personality, social psychology, and abnormal behavior.

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