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Peer Mentoring at Beacon College

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We were excited to implement a peer mentoring program at Beacon College, starting with the fall 2012 semester, and we have been overwhelmed by the success of it! Below are some key elements of this program: 

  •  Peer mentors are student leaders selected by the faculty. 
  • Peer mentors are chosen based on their grade point average and their performance in their subject areas, along with their ability and willingness to help and tutor their peers at the College. 
  • Peer mentors wear many hats as they assist first-year students in their transition from high school to college, transfer students who are new to Beacon College, and other students who are struggling, or simply need or request additional support.  
  • Peer mentors are role models of successful students, coaches for academic skills, tutors for course content, and they are also a valuable resource for campus information.
  • Some benefits of peer mentoring for the mentor him/herself include: improved communication and leadership skills, reinforced subject area knowledge, increased confidence and motivation. They are also able to gain skills and experience valued by today’s employers.
  • Benefits to students who receive peer mentoring include: improving communication skills, making new friends across age groups, and increasing academic and social confidence. At the same time, they also gain practical advice, encouragement, and support

Would you like to help support us?  Become a sponsor for the Peer Mentoring Program at Beacon College! 

~ Michele Patestides 

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