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My Paramour

| Arts, Student Work, Valentine's Day

My desire and hunger for you grows stronger

Like a famished vampire yearning for blood.

Day after day I lust for you with primal hunger

Like a ravenous lioness ripping out the raw flesh of its prey.

Night after night longing for your sensual taste,

My desire building like a scorching volcano

On the brink of eruption.

Your luscious body makes me quiver,

As I fantasize about your flavor in my mouth.

You are too fragile and refined to be decimated by a fork.

With my Hello Kitty chopsticks,

I gently and carefully lift you towards

The salivating entrance to my tiny body.

Bursts of complex tastes and textures explode in my mini mouth.

Fireworks of oranges, greens, reds, and snake skin black,

Squishy avocado, crunchy cucumber, and chewy carrots,

Surrounded by smooth, delicate fish and

Soft, sticky, cream colored white rice

My love affair with you is no longer a secret.
~ Allison Lau 

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