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What’s happening in the library?
Many of you have likely walked through or past the library and witnessed the huge piles of books stacked in the windows and on book carts. Our plans are to shift the majority of the weeded book collection toward the back of the library, creating a bright and open space in the front. We wanted to take advantage of our fabulous floor-to-ceiling windows, which have been previously blocked by the shelving. The plan is to create a lounge/seating area with comfortable seating and tables near the windows where students may read and/or congregate. We plan to put large tables in the space outside the reference room for collaborative projects/group work. This space will be divided from the front lounge area by the remaining bookshelves that do not fit in the back of the library.
What the process involved:
Initially, the de-selection process involved removing any books that had not been checked out during the past three years, with the exception of newer materials. The compiled list contained over 20,000 volumes. As Elizabeth and I began pulling the books, we realized that this was not the best approach; there were many great classics on the list that we felt needed to stay in our collection. We decided to look at each book individually when making the determination. Our de-selection criteria was based on many factors, including subject matter, age and condition of the book, amount of copies, availability of newer editions, and the accuracy and relevancy of the information. 
After physically removing the books, we used our Mandarin Library Automation System to remove each book from the catalog. This was a very time-consuming process that we could not have done without the help of our students. Our fabulous work-study students, as well as Laykin and Dahri, spent many hours deleting, moving, and stacking over 4,400 books and 380 videos. We have also placed over 1,000 books in storage.
Now that the weeding project is just about finished, we must shift the entire collection toward the back of the library to free up space in the front. This has been quite a work-out, and a dusty one at that!
What has been removed from the collection?
Psychology, Technology, Marketing, and Humanities books have been removed from our collection, as well as outdated books or those that we owned multiple copies of. Most VHS materials have been removed, but we will be burning DVD copies for those materials that are still being used. We have not deleted any Art, Literature, History, or Anthropology book, though we have removed a few of these to place in storage based on their value and age. 
We encourage you all to stop by and see the “new” library that will be finished in just a few weeks!
~ Tiffany Reitz
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