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February Sunshine & Sweet Tea Day

| Admissions
Admissions Office Perspective:

     On February 2, 2013, the Admissions Office hosted an Open House event, aptly named Sunshine & Sweet Tea Day. The weather cooperated, and there was a great turnout!  

     The event included an overview/advising session with several representatives from campus (Financial Aid, Academic Affairs, Center for Student Success, Student Services, and Career Development). Prospective students and their families could visit each table to ask questions and learn more about services offered.  

     Later in the event, two alumni (Andrew Marvin and Scott Wilbur) talked about their previous college experiences and the differences between that and their Beacon experience. They also described their current career and educational goals. Dr. Chandler explained the Beacon teaching model and also why she is passionate about Beacon College.

     We then split the group into two for the tour, with the prospective students in one group and the parents/families in another. We toured most of the campus, including the library, Center for Student Success, classrooms, and dining hall. Some of the delicious foods that Beacon College students and staff routinely enjoy had already been sampled. Lucretia Gabriel gave a “mock” mathematics class in the Math Lab and provided an overview of the technology and teaching style she uses. Caroline Le gave an overview of the Writing Center, and students and families were given the opportunity to experiment or “play” with some of the assistive technology, such as Kurzweil and Word Q. Finally, we showed an apartment and participated in the student activity.

     The next Sunshine & Sweet Tea Day will take place on Saturday, March 23, and we hope to have another beautiful day with another fantastic group!  

~Stephanie Knight

Work Study Student Perspective:

      When someone says the words “sunshine” and “sweet tea,” most people envision a radiant day, glowing with glee as birds sing songs to the clouds, young couples have picnics beneath the ocean sky, and…. of course, enthusiastic students contemplate their education. Unfortunately, that was completely the opposite way I felt during this Open House. It was not because the Open House didn’t go spectacularly, but because from the minute I walked in the room, my allergies were going crazy. I couldn’t interact with the students and parents the way I felt I should have because I was shoveling snot out of my nose ever thirty five seconds. Regardless of how bad my nose got to me, I wasn’t going to let the tour suffer, so I sucked it up literally, and I rocked the student tour. Then I went home.  
     I wish I had something more interesting to say or a witty line to end with, but I don’t. There wasn’t much sunshine or sweet tea for me at the Open House, mostly sneezing and snot. But I fought through everything well enough to shed light on all the wonderful things we have here at Beacon, and I think that is the most important thing.

~ Shaheed NuMan

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