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Adventures in Archaeology!

| Field Trips

All Beacon College students taking General Anthropology do their archaeology fieldwork at Crystal River Archaeological State Park. The early inhabitants first occupied the area approximately 2500 years ago, and they stayed for 1,600 years. The students visit the museum and then tour the site to see midden mounds, burial mounds, and to climb to the top of a ceremonial mound with a beautiful view of the Crystal River. 

After the tour, we get down to business with archaeologists from the Florida Public Archaeology Network. Students excavate and screen for artifacts that are used to add to our body of knowledge of this important site. Finds include pottery, drilled beads, stone flakes, and bones from the diet of prehistoric meals. We leave Crystal River with a better understanding of Florida’s ancient people and their interactions with their unique environment.  
General Anthropology students, thanks for all your hard work and contributions!
~ Dr. Terri Ross

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