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Change is happening here at Beacon College… We are now in the second semester of Beacon College having a Greek Life department! In Greek Life we have a saying: “My letters don’t make me who I am, they make me better than who I used to be!” What is Greek Life you may ask? Greek Life is fraternities and sororities that exist on a college campus and it is the office that brings these organizations together for not only a common goal of making the student population more cohesive but also to set the standards by which these organizations operate. We have built a Greek Council that consists of the presidents and vice presidents of each Greek Organization on campus. Through this we are able to have each organization voice opinions, concerns, protests, or recommendations.  We currently have three Greek Organizations: Lambda Epsilon Omega (men’s fraternity). Omega Alpha Delta (women’s sorority), and Gamma Beta Phi (national honor/service society).  Through Greek Life, each organization must complete 250 hours of community service per semester, maintain at least a 2.25 GPA, and actively participate in their organization. New to this semester each organization must lead a “fun” campus activity and an “educational” campus activity. 
What are the names on the back of the fraternity and sorority shirts for? Once a member goes through Rush Week they still have the remainder of the semester to prove themselves to their Greek organization before becoming fully accepted. It is typically at the end of the semester that the brother or sister will be voted on and then “named.” The name represents something that the fraternity or sorority has seen or identified with this individual. To the regular student it may seem funny to see someone with “Thing 1,” “X LAX,” “D.U.I.,” or my fraternity name, “El Presidente,” on the back of the shirt, and you may be able to understand why some of the students received their names, but I can assure you that, within the Greek Organization, they are a part of there is a MUCH DEEPER MEANING. This meaning is kept secret just to the organization they are a part of and is an identifier that is kept with them sometimes for the rest of their lives.
This week is Rush Week! Rush Week is where new people who are interested in joining a Greek Organization must go through a “Rite of Passage” where the individual will show his/her dedication and determination through non-hazing activities. Activities are both private and public and are always fun to watch, even for those who are not part of a Greek Organization. At the end of the week, the “Boys” from Lambda Epsilon Omega set up a course that begins at the new Student Center and ends at the Village Apartments with a fantastic crescendo of an event that includes a slip n’ slide and a kiddie pool. It’s always fun to watch, and there is always a big turnout for this event. Show your support for Greek Life on the Beacon College campus by cheering the rushees on at this event!
~Hank Harvey

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