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Event and Hotel Management Students Enjoyed Sysco Field Trip

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On January 22, 2013, Mr. Vaz’s Event and Hotel Management classes went on a field trip to the Sysco food show that was held at the Orange County Convention center in Orlando. The event had a NASCAR theme and even featured real cars throughout the show. One was set up with video games that the students were able to enjoy. 
There were many vendors present and all types of food and restaurant related items were on display. Students were able to sample all of the delights. The desserts on display attracted the most favorable comments from the students. They included such delectables as a multi-layer chocolate gateau and a NY style cheesecake. Students also liked the salmon, chicken, and beef that were on display. Some of the ready-made fast food, such as meatballs and pizza, were also a big hit with the students. There was also a wide variety of coffees, teas, smoothies and latte machines on display. The students were also amazed at the technological displays of food service equipment as well as the wide array of food service clothing and footwear.
This event was an eye opener, with the students learning a lot about what is available to the food service industry through a one stop shop such as Sysco. They also learned how events of this magnitude are set up and executed. A great time was had by everyone!
~ Simon Vaz

Yummy Desserts
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