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Composition Students Respond to Tupak Shakur

| Student Work, Writing Center

Ms. Le asked her College Composition students to write essays in response to Tupak Shakur’s “The Rose that Grew from Concrete.” All of the students crafted well written responses, and what follows are some examples from that class.

 Rises From the Ashes 

     Our society, the good old U.S.A has laid out a few ground rules for our community. If you break the law you’ll go to jail, if you want a promising job in the future you have to get an education. Our society has built up this idea that the educated will grow and prosper, while the uneducated dwindle to the bottom of today’s social ladder. This doesn’t mean you have to give up if you don’t have money, but what it does mean is that you and you alone can move forward towards a better education. 
     In the stories of the past there has always been a tale of an individual that has risen from the ashes. We have all heard a story like this at one point in our life; we ask ourselves what made these people standout? The answer is plain and simple; all of these individuals have a lot of willpower and integrity that gave them the push to climb the ladder. I don’t really find myself to be a religious man, but what I do believe in is people. I believe in the individual who has goal to grow and prosper, our country was made by individuals. Now after you have read this are you going to be the individual that rises from the ashes? 

~ Jake Flanagan  

      There are things people miss every day in life, which they may never see. It is not their fault for this, for it is the way they were taught to look at life. This can be a fatal mistake, just because they always look at the shinier polish fine cut diamonds. They may never look at the more valuable rough diamonds that have yet to be cut and sparkled. There are many examples portraying this commonly seen thing, but the most common is the classrooms of today.
     This can be an atrocious thing because people get left behind in their studies and education. All for it may take them a little extra time or some little extra help to understand the assignment. I have seen this happen and it should never happen, but it happens more than we care to think about. I have tutored kids that had learning disabilities in reading and math. Through the tutoring I‘ve seen that the kids with learning disabilities are more intelligent than the kids that don’t have learning disabilities. Because it shows them that they can get round any problems that could come up in life and makes them more ready for the life in the real world. It’s not that they have a learning disability that makes them smarter; it’s that they will try to work around and overcome their learning disabilities that makes them smarter. And overcoming one’s own problems is one of the biggest victories there is. 
 ~ Andrew Johnson 
Rose from the Concrete
      Times were I rose from the concrete, was the time I graduated high school and I went on to a community college. My first year at the community college I did okay but I knew I needed some extra assistance. When my second year of college came along I really didn’t do so well because of my learning disability. I found myself learning differently from the other students, so I dropped out to find out about another college that can help me with my LD.
     I came upon a college that did accept students with LDs, named Beacon College. Other students were just like me; they were also survivors. They had the drive to get an education and be successful. I call them survivors because just because we have an LD people might judge us and say they can’t get an education. Me and all the people prove those people wrong; we belong in college and have the same opportunity as any other human being on this earth to make something of ourselves. 
     I also saw them grow mature wise, each conversation I have with people here at Beacon I feel as if I can learn off of them and they can learn from me. Each day that goes by I see my friends making wise choices that will impact their future in a great way. Just seeing them being open minded and focused on what‘s really important in life.
~ Evann Parham    
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