Beacon College Students Getting New Appreciation of Insects

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Several new courses are being offered at Beacon College this semester. One of the most interesting and unusual ones is Topics in Science: Insects & Mythology. This course is being taught by Dr. Kirk Stowe, who explains the goals and concept of the course: Many people think of insects as creepy crawlies…Something to be feared. […]

Fraternity Pledges

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Lambda Epsilon Omega has three pledges this semester. They are Joe Ehrli, Ethan Meus, and Kashan Haider. After completing the non hazing initiation, and taking part in a fun ceremony to end rush week, the three men were given new fraternity names: Fazzik, Alan, and Rufio.  Good luck to these men as they continue the […]

Dr. DuRoss Goes to Washington

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57thPresidential Inauguration      Brenda Meli, Director of Admissions, Chelsea Eubank, Director of Recruitment and Advancement, and Michelle DuRoss, Assistant Professor of History traveled to Washington DC for the 57th Presidential Inauguration. Ms. Meli and Dr. DuRoss attended Sunshine and Stars, Florida’s Inaugural Ball on Saturday night before joining with Ms. Eubank the next day for […]

Thinking About Utopia

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Students Sal Attardo, Shia Byers, Andrew Field, and Tiffani Clause joined Ms. Caroline Le in the Writing Center for a discussion on Utopia. The students selected poems and writings to provide insight into the topic and to foster their discussions. The following works were chosen: “The Meaning of Life” by Thomas Crone; “Utopia” by Arturo […]

Composition Students Respond to Tupak Shakur

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Ms. Le asked her College Composition students to write essays in response to Tupak Shakur’s “The Rose that Grew from Concrete.” All of the students crafted well written responses, and what follows are some examples from that class.     Rises From the Ashes       Our society, the good old U.S.A has laid out a few […]

Event and Hotel Management Students Enjoyed Sysco Field Trip

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On January 22, 2013, Mr. Vaz’s Event and Hotel Management classes went on a field trip to the Sysco food show that was held at the Orange County Convention center in Orlando. The event had a NASCAR theme and even featured real cars throughout the show. One was set up with video games that the […]

Acting like A Weird Person

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Last Friday night I went to see the play The Nerd at the Melon Patch Theater. The play is set in Terre Haute, Indiana in late 1981. The Nerd is the story of Willum Cubbert, who is a young architect. He tells his friends Tansy and Axel about Rick who had saved his life in […]

Greek Life at Beacon College

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Change is happening here at Beacon College… We are now in the second semester of Beacon College having a Greek Life department! In Greek Life we have a saying: “My letters don’t make me who I am, they make me better than who I used to be!” What is Greek Life you may ask? Greek […]

Recent Dyslexia Research Conducted in Academic Affairs

| LD Research

Recently, Dutch researchers claimed that a new font called Dyslexie enables people with reading disorders to read easier. They report that the font makes it more difficult for people with dyslexia and reading disorders to rotate, swap, and mirror letters and numbers. We put their font to the test and conducted research with 52 of […]

Beacon College Students Skated the Night Away!

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Over the long weekend, Beacon College students had several options for fun. On Saturday night, students enjoyed a night of skating, dancing, and socializing at the local skating rink, Skate World. Student Services paid for the event and also supplied cotton candy to all. The rink was exclusive to the 44 attending students, and they […]